Palmholz Co., Ltd. supports the effective use of OPT (oil palm trunk; oil palms are a common crop in Malaysia and other countries).

Palmholz is a company that supports effective use of the unused resource OPT

Palmholz Co., Ltd. has many technologies and patents that transform oil palm trunk (OPT), an unused resource seen as lacking value since it lacks the strength to serve as a construction material, into new products.
Many of these technologies were originally developed as part of pressurizing technology as part of research into effective use of cedar that became an issue due to its limited applications after harvesting as many such forests were planted in Japan after WW2.
By compressing cedar, which was inappropriate for flooring applications due to lack of strengths including wear resistance, it doubled and tripled wear resistance strength enabling use as flooring. This patented technology was researched and developed by our predecessor, My Wood Two, Co., Ltd.

We bring manufacturing knowledge needed to produce processed wood products to Malaysia, number two in the world for oil palm silviculture by area, and support business development for transforming unused OPT materials into valuable resources.
We also perform business matching with businesses handling Malaysian-made wooden products and exterior products as construction materials or furniture.

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To companies interested in active use of unused OPT resourcesPartner with us for OPT business!

Oil palm trunk (OPT) is made from wood products that are friendly to people and the global environment that do not use petrochemical materials enabled by the technology of Palmholz Co., Ltd.
Many schools, city halls, gymnasiums and libraries have used this material for floors, tables, interior for traditional inns, bridges for ponds in Japanese gardens, bench materials and other indoor and outdoor applications enabling verification of the safety and reliability of these products.
In order to develop business applications of OPT we have established a stable supply chain for OPT, supported mass production technologies for OPT wooden products, researched and developed manufacturing using OPT, built up production of palm oil with the purpose of sales of products using OPT and established an operating corporation in Malaysia (scheduled for spring 2021), there OPT use has become an issue.
We are on the lookout for business partners who want to develop OPT projects with our operating corporation.
If you are interested in the applications of unused OPT resources and would consider partnering with our operating company to develop OPT businesses, contact us using our inquiry form.

Partnership Information

  • Malaysian Oil Palm Farmers

    Malaysian Oil Palm Farmers

    To create business applications of OPT, it is necessary to take efforts to ensure consistent supplies of large amounts of OPT. That is why we are recruiting oil palm farmers that can partner with wood processing companies with an interest in developing applications for unused OPT resources.

  • Malaysian Plywood Makers

    Malaysian Plywood Makers

    OPT has lots of starches and sugars so rot sets in unless treated within 24 hours of harvesting causing a loss of value as a resource. That is why we recruit plywood makers that can form partnerships with oil palm farmers. We provide the necessary systemization for high value-added wood product manufacturing technology and production.

  • Investors


    Research and development for business applications and effective use of OPT requires funds.
    That is why we recruit investors able to perform ESG investment and interested in projects contributing to achieving OPT applications, environmental conservation, and SDGs.

  • Companies with Wood Product Mass Production Technology

    Companies with Wood Product Mass Production Technology

    We are able to make OPT wooden products with different strength and treatment method depending on application due to research and development in OPT high value-added wooden product technologies and pass it on to Malaysian wood treatment companies, but we lack experience in mass production.
    That is why we are looking for companies holding wood product mass production technologies that can support local mass production.

  • Companies Interested in Creation and Sales of Products Using OPT

    Companies Interested in Creation and Sales of Products Using OPT

    OPT is a natural wood product that retains the feeling of the wood even when used as a core bonded with a surface of a cultivated tree such as cedar or acacia.
    That is why we are looking for companies interested in product creation and sales using wood products.
    In addition to use of OPT for wood products, it can be used for a variety of applications including as a material for promoting reductions in plastics, as animal feed and as a mushroom bed for cultivating mushrooms.

  • Companies Implementing Construction Using Non-Natural Materials

    Companies Implementing Construction Using Non-Natural Materials

    OPT is a wood product that is environmentally friendly, using no chemical substances in its preparation. Construction involves use of non-natural resources such as steel or screws. We are looking to develop processes including construction that use completely naturally sourced materials.
    We are looking for companies that perform construction with non-natural materials.