Palmholz Co., Ltd. supports the effective use of OPT (oil palm trunk; oil palms are a common crop in Malaysia and other countries).

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The Motto in Our Heart: “Friendly to People and the Global Environment”

We believe that atmospheric pollution and marine plastic issues, climate change, deforestation and other problems have been caused by human beings.
Among the living things that dwell on the Earth, we alone are destroying the environment.
There are people whose livelihoods depend on the production of palm oil from oil palms planted in large amounts by government policy.
On the other hand, oil palms that no longer produce palm oil must be removed.
Harvested oil palms had no applications and were just thrown away as an unused resource, buried in the soil. This caused soil contamination.
This is happening right now in the world.
We have technology to transform this unused material into a valuable resource.
There is potential for these applications to change destruction into coexistence.
With our technology, we can create a future that is friendly to people and the Earth, for our children and future generations...
That is our hope.
These results will contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Background and Greetings from the Representative

Ryotaro Hibino, Representative Director

  • 1941 Born in Inuyama City, graduated from Taki High School.

    Born as the fourth generation of a family-owned kimono shop, he established many businesses with his love of challenges and sense of curiosity.

  • After graduating high school, towards operating the kimono shop.

    From a young age, with his father having passed away in the war, he studied hard knowing he would need to support his mother. As a result, he advanced to the famous Taki High School leading the class with high grades and was told he would be sure to be accepted at Tokyo University. When in his last year at High School he wanted to go into the Engineering Department at Tokyo University but did not receive permission from his mother and came to work at the kimono shop. Feeling that with the current future of the kimono business to be a shrinking market, young Mr. Hibino developed a new business of importing Korean made articles for sale in Japan and expanded his kimono business.

  • 1976 Established “Edoya” as a commercial company dealing in clothing and jewelry.

    With experience importing from Korea, he determined to open a duty-free shop purchasing brand goods overseas and selling in Japan.

  • 2000 Established internet sales company, Momotaro Co., Ltd.

    Began business deployment of satellite locations for each area code. As a pioneer in the internet provider business, he spread fixed fee structures and zero-yen cellphones. This business was later purchased by Masayoshi Son and developed into Softbank.

  • 2000 Established the seniors’ day service center Senju Co., Ltd., 2004 Established Senior’s Home Rich Life Oasis Inuyama.

    From this time, he began developing businesses with roots in Inuyama City.

  • 2003 Established Inuyama Machizukuri Co., Ltd.

    Developed this business to revitalize the central shuttered commercial streets while taking advantage of the characteristics of the beautiful castle town.

  • 2015 Established Palmholz Co., Ltd.

    After seeing the technology of Director Fukuyama and its potential to turn the unused oil palm material into an environmentally friendly resource, this business was established to commercialize the technology.

  • 2018 April Opened the ASAHI Culture Academy

    Developed broader businesses such as by expanding an educational business teaches Japanese.

  • 2019 Spring received the “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette”

    During third term as chairman at the Inuyama Chamber of Commerce, received the award on recommendation from METI for contributions to development of Inuyama City.

For the future children of this beautiful planet Earth

I am an extremely curious person. I make decisions in three seconds. If taking time to think about something will reach the same result, I love the challenge of making snap decisions. It is okay to try and fail, and then let go of it. This kind of challenge-seeking mindset has brought me to where I am today.
Born as the fourth generation of a kimono shop, my father died in the war when I was about three years old. I felt I must support my mother and began purchasing kimono from Korea and selling them in Japan. As this business succeeded, I did the same, purchasing and selling brand name products. No one was doing it at the time, so we succeeded at this business as well.
In December 1991, there began to be a lot of discussion about sludge pollution in Japan. I wondered if there was anything I could do to address this problem and came up with the idea to make a furnace that would change sludge by hardening it into bricks. This also went well but we stopped the project due to dioxin issues that were discovered with the furnaces.

When I considered what to do next, I thought about a question I had been wondering about for a while. That was, why do phones charge different amounts depending on where you call? Now it has become common that the price is the same everywhere, but the phone charges used to differ depending on distance. I thought this was strange and began a provider business. Bringing my question to NTT, as a result, I achieved the flat fee structure we take for granted today. This provider business was later purchased by Masayoshi Son and developed into Softbank. Speaking of things taken for granted, everyone these days carries a cellphone that they make a 24-payment contract for resulting in zero cost. That system was also my idea.
In this way I have developed many ideas into businesses through curiosity and a challenge-oriented mindset. I have mentioned many successes, but of course along the way there were many failures as well. Experiencing many things and interacting with many people, I felt I need to give something back soon. With that feeling, I established Inuyama Machizukuri Co., Ltd.
With this company’s business we revitalized shuttered commercial streets and brought many tourists to our city. After three terms as chairman at the Inuyama Chamber of Commerce, in spring of 2019, I was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette.

So then, why did I stablish Palmholz Co., Ltd? That is because I believe in the brilliance of Mr. Fukuyama and the future of the planet.
One day, I heard about the issues of unused oil palm materials and how Mr. Fukuyama had developed technology for the effective use of this resource. When I heard about it, this is what I thought.
Among all the living things on the planet, only us, human beings are destroying the environment. Deforestation and marine plastic, these are issues that we humans caused. Even though we live here, we have ruined the planet. The Earth deserves our care. Something must be done to return our planet to its original beauty! Action must be taken now!
So, I immediately proposed doing business together with Mr. Fukuyama. Mr. Fukuyama thought that it is a very difficult thing to do. And this comment excited my curiosity even more.
I said to him, “Fukuyama, its valuable because it’s difficult.”
There is no end to my curiosity.

Ryotaro Hibino, Representative Director

Director introduction

Masao Fukuyama, Director

  • 1939 Born, graduated from Aichi University.

  • 1963 Hired by Inoue Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. (now Inoac Corporation).

    Experiences include vice chairman of the labor union, sales development, and new business development.

  • May 19, 1977, with warm support of Inoue Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. established Aiwa Rubber Co., Ltd.

    With extensive support from Inoue Rubber Industries Co., Ltd., established independent business. This took advantage of knowledge fostered over 14 years in the rubber business.

  • June 1988 Changed to resin treatment business and changed company name to Aiwa Co., Ltd.

    The resin treatment company that was the parent company closed that department. Transitioned to synthetic resin low foamed extrusion molded products and fluororesin molding/resin machined product manufacturing and sales. This grew as a unique style of company.

  • March 1995 Established My Wood Co., Ltd.

    Received investment from the Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution of the National Agricultural Research Organization and 6 regional governments to establish the only wood research and development company in Japan with capital of 121.9 billion yen.

  • January 2001 Established My Wood Two Co., Ltd.

    Using the compression technology researched over 6 years, established this company for machining and sales of wood materials. Cedar compressed material manufacture treatment and sales.

  • July 2015 Established Palmholz Co., Ltd.

    Established this company to promote the spread of business for manufacture, treatment, and sales of oil palm applications of cedar wood compression technology with the support of Miyakoya Co., Ltd.

Palmholz is the culmination of my life’s work


After graduating from Aichi University, I began to work at Inoue Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. (now Inoac Corporation). Looking back, I am so thankful that I was blessed with the opportunity to receive direct guidance from the founding administrator and their family that welcomed me. I was able to experience many kinds of roles including vice chairman of the labor union, sales development, and new business development.
After I had worked at the company for about 12 years, I decided to start my own independent business and they gave me plenty of support including 20% investment capital as well as providing employees and equipment. Two years later, with their help, I established Aiwa Rubber Co., Ltd. I had planned to develop the business using the knowledge gained over 14 years but the resin treatment company that was the parent company closed that department, so we moved from rubber business to resin treatment and sales, changing the name as well to Aiwa Co., Ltd. Our resin treatment business started with only one piece of equipment but grew to 12 lines that operate around the clock.


One day, when we were on our employee trip, I saw a large cedar tree that had collapsed in a typhoon. At the moment it was just a tree that had fell to me, but a few days later I read about it in the newspaper, that there was no way to use this tree and they were just trying to dispose of it. I could not help myself. I went right away to where they had this article in Oita and Kumamoto prefectures to find out about the trees knocked down by the wind while researching ways to use these materials.
I visited the Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology in Kariya, Gifu University and Kyoto University’s Wood Materials Research Laboratory and learned about compression technology from their authoritative professors. Searching for a method for using these trees I discovered compression technology. “With this technology, we can make use of trees knocked down by wind!” In that moment, I felt it was necessary for me to commercialize the compression of cedar.
At that exact moment, in Japan, effective use of cedar had become a major issue and we received investment for the cedar compression technology lab from the Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution of the National Agricultural Research Organization and 6 regional governments to establish the only wood research and development company in Japan with capital of 121.9 billion yen.


For 6 years, I and 12 to 15 other excellent research staff dedicated ourselves to cedar drying technologies and compression research. As a result, in January 2001 we established My Wood Two Co., Ltd. for the compressed material manufacturing, treatment and sales of cedar. We installed floors for around 500 municipal offices and elementary schools.
As the cedar compression project gradually grew, a professor from Nagoya University approached me to consider applications to oil palms. The fruit of oil palms is used as a cooking oil, but the trunk is weak and there was the issue of how to use it. When I heard this, I immediately began oil palm compression technology research. As a result, we discovered that when oil palm is compressed, the composition undergoes a chemical reaction causing self-adhesion which we commonly see in adhesives. I felt this was extremely valuable and when I discussed it with Mr. Hibino whom I had met through meetings held by the Inuyama Chamber of Commerce, very quickly the conversation progressed to how to turn this into a business. Together with Mr. Hibino, we established Palmholz Co., Ltd.
For 60 years after being hired at Inoue Rubber Industries Co., Ltd., I have been advancing this business developing new but similar products. This oil palm business is truly a culmination of all the businesses I have been involved in up to now.
I hope to contribute to urban development, in Japan and around the world, through people and environmentally friendly oil palm products.

Masao Fukuyama, Director

Corporate Profile

Company Name Palmholz Co., Ltd.
Representative Ryotaro Hibino, Representative Director
Director Masao Fukuyama, Director
Address 2-63 Matsumoto-cho, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture 484-0086
TEL 090-1563-2136
Establishment July 2015
Capital 40 million yen
Description of Business
  • Activities to spread wood product treatment using oil palms
  • Support for the spread of high value-added wood products using oil palms
  • Compression technology consulting, etc.
  • Patent No. 5963195 “Compressed Oil Palm Materials”
  • Patent No. 6014396 “Laminated Plywood”
  • Patent No. 6083691 “Laminated Plywood Manufacturing Method”
  • Patent No. 6083692 “Laminated Plywood Manufacturing Method”
  • Patent No. 6083700 “Oil Palm Drying Machine and its Drying Method”
  • Patent No. 6083701 “Compressed Material and its Manufacturing Method”
  • Patent No. 6083894 “Distortion Elimination Compressed Material, its Manufacturing Machine and its Manufacturing Method”
  • Patent No. 6086521 “Oil Palm Lamina Bonding Structures and their Bonding Method”
  • Patent No. 6086522 “Compressed Oil Palm Materials”
  • Patent No. 6086523 “Compressed Oil Palm Materials”
  • Malaysia Patent Office Registered Patent No.: MY-166988-A “Oil Palm Formed Bodies, Manufacturing Method and Laminated Plywood”
And others totaling the rights of 23 patents in Japan and 13 patents overseas.